Back Up And Restore Keys For Computer Data Security

Log Insight 4.0 – How to manually backup and restore settings

The following guide will show you how to manually backup all the advance configurations in Log Insight (e.g. IPs, DNS, Forwarding Rules, NTP) and custom work done such as Agent Groups, Dashboards, Alerts, etc. For full appliance backups, third party backup tools should still be used. Special thanks to VMware coworkers Steve Flanders, Yogita Patil,…


[Download] – vROPS Latest VMs Created Dashboard

This dashboard allows you to view your latest created VMs in vROPS.  This is useful insight for Engineers, Operators, and Managers who want to know how many VMs were created in the last few days, weeks, and months. Download here >   To Import just go to Content > Dashboard > Import Dashboards


vROPS 6 – How to view latest Virtual Machines created in vCenter

There were many questions on how to view the latest Virtual Machines created in vCenter using vRealize Operation Manager. The following guide will show you how to get a list of this information using two different ways.  If you would like to skip this step and just download the dashboard completely just go here. First…


Log Insight 4.0 – How to create and configure a Gauge Chart

One of the latest features of Log Insight 4.0 is the ability to create a Gauge chart that can turn green, yellow, and red based on a static number you set. The following guide will show you how to create a gauge chart based on a search criteria of “Error” found. Login to Log Insight…


Log Insight – How to upgrade Log Insight

The following guide will show you how to upgrade Log Insight. It is recommended to have a full backup for Log Insight and create a snapshot before upgrading. Log into and download the Log Insight Upgrade Package Once downloaded login to your Log Insight server and click on Administration (top right corner)   Click…


Log Insight 3.6 – How to configure a 3-node cluster with integrated load balancer

The following guide will show you how to configure a Log Insight cluster with Log Insight’s integrated Load Balancer. Some of the benefits of a Log Insight cluster using the internal load balancer includes the following: Ingestion HA – where you could lose any node in a cluster and ingestion would continue to function Query…


vROPS 6 – How to upgrade vRealize Operation Manager Appliance

The following guide will show you how to properly upgrade vROPS. If you have a multi-node environment just upgrade the master node and it will automatically upgrade the Master replica, Data Node, etc.   Before we begin it is best to first take a snapshot of vROPs and to have a full backup of vROPS…


vROPS 6 – How to properly shutdown a vROPS Cluster

With vROPS 6.2, we can now build a vROPS cluster node up to 16 nodes which can handle up to 120,000 objects and 300 million metrics. The following guide will show you how to properly reboot your vROPS node whether or not you have one node or up to 16 nodes in total. Login to…


How to Install, configure, and use vCenter Infrastructure Navigator

vCenter Infrastructure Navigator is a must have tool for any vSphere environment. Lot of my customers don’t even know much about the tool until I show them a demo and they immediately want it. Since vSphere already manages all your virtual servers, it just makes senses to have a tool that can detect what applications…


vROPS 6 – How to enable IT Compliance with vROPS

vROPs has a built-in compliance checker for ESXi Host and Virtual Machines. This is important for environments that want to automate the process of checking how secure their current environment is according to vSphere Hardening Best Practices. Hardening Guides are an industry recognized method of implementing stricter security to meet regulatory and local security standards…