vROPS 6.7+ – What-If Analysis Guide (Future Capacity Planning)

Here is another hidden gem inside of vROPS that many of my customers don’t even know about until I show them: The What-If Analysis feature. This used to be called Projects in the older versions. This tool is great for planning an increase in workload…


How to monitor and troubleshoot slow Windows Logon Time

Having slow Windows logon times and need to find out what is causing it? The Vmware Logon Monitor fling will capture important logon metrics such as Total Logon Time, Session Logon Time, Shell Load Time, Group policy Time, and more so you can quickly troubleshoot…


Download – vROPS Environment Growth Dashboard

Here is my latest enhancement of the Environment Growth Dashboard. This dashboard allows Engineers, Operators, and Managers to view growth for VMs, Hosts, Datastores, Capacity, and more in the last 6 months. Download here >       To import in version 6.6 and above…


Download – VM Troubleshooting Dashboard for vROPS 7.0+

I have updated the VM Troubleshooting Dashboard for up to Version 7.0.  This is a must-have dashboard for any environment out there and people have told me it is way better than the out of the box one that comes with vROPS.  Also make sure…


Download – vROPS 7.0 Datastore Troubleshooting Dashboard

This is an updated version of my popular vROPS Datastore Troubleshooting Dashboard.  I updated and enhanced my dashboard up to vROPS Version 7.0.  Also check out my other dashboards on the Download Tab. Quickly Troubleshoot Datastore Issues Identify if there are any capacity bottlenecks View…


Download – VM Host Troubleshooting for vROPs 7.0

Here is the latest Host Troubleshooting dashboard that was enhanced and fixed up to the latest version of vROPs 7.0.  Besides fixing some of the metrics, I’ve enhanced almost every part of the dashboard.  I will post the latest Datastore and VM Troubleshooting Dashboards soon….


vROPs 7 – How to manually backup vROPS customized work

This is an updated guide on how to backup your customized work on vROPS version 7. I highly recommend to backup all your customized Dashboards, Reports, Alerts, etc. once every month. This is just an option to back up your settings. To fully backup vROPS…

Back Up And Restore Keys For Computer Data Security

vCenter 6.7 – How to backup and restore vCenter

First introduced in vSphere 6.5, the built-in file-based backup and restore is a native backup solution that is available within the VMware Appliance Management Interface on port 5480. It supports backing up both the vCenter Server Appliance and Platform Services Controller (PSC). There is no…


vCenter 6.7 – Install guide with useful tips and links

vCenter 6.7 has a few new features, numerous enhanced features, and some performance improvements. Some of my favorite features are improved HTML5 client, improved vCenter backup management, and improved performance monitoring out of the box. This guide will show you how to install vCenter 6.7…


vROPS 6.7 – Reclamation Settings Guide (Powered Off VMs, Idle VMs, Old Snapshots)

So in vROPS 6.7, a lot of the capacity settings are now no longer in Policies They are actually located in the Home page of vROPS. This guide will walk you through on where to find these important settings and how to use them. Click…