vROPS 8.10 – How to view and filter by Deleted Objects

New in vROPS 8.10 is the ability to filter deleted objects such as Virtual Machines, Host, datastores, etc.  In this guide I will walk you through how to view and filter based on deleted objects .  I will also show you how to hold up to 60-days of deleted VMs by default. 


  • The ability to filter based on Deleted Objects is a feature of vROPS 8.10 and above only.  Older versions have the feature to show deleted time but no feature to show only deleted objects only.
  • This only works for List Views

How to view deleted objects only

You can create or edit any list view widget.  Expand Settings and select Deleted under Show Objects.  This will filter out to show only Deleted data if they exist for that object. 

How to keep up to 60-days’ worth of deleted objects

By default vROPS only keeps a few days’ worth of deleted data.  To increase this we will need to go to Administration > Global Settings

Under Deleted Objects set how many hours you would like to keep deleted objects and click on Save.  Maximum is 1440 hours which is equivalent to 60 days’ worth of data.