VM Appliance Monitoring and Inventory Dashboard updated

Two must have dashboards are now updated and better than ever before.  The Appliance Dashboard is what I personally used to know what VMware products my customer has, how it is performing, how it is configured, and what are the IPs.  The Inventory dashboard provides everything you need to know about your environment inventory, capacity, hardware, versions, performance, and more.

VM Appliance Monitoring dashboard now monitors more than ever before.

Download here: https://developer.vmware.com/samples?id=7599

User Guide: http://www.vmignite.com/2021/05/vrops-vmware-appliance-monitoring-dashboard/

Monitors the following products

  • vCenter Server Appliance
  • NSX, NSX-T
  • vRA
  • vROPS
  • Log Insight
  • Orchestrator
  • Life Cycle Manager
  • Network Insight (vRNI)
  • Vmware SRM
  • vIDM
  • Air Watch
  • Cloud Proxy appliances
  • vSphere Replication (New)
  • HCX (New)
  • Kubernetes (New)
  • Tanzu (New)
  • Dell EMC Appliances (New)

Now also be able to view important VM Metric historical stats.

Inventory dashboard

Download here: https://developer.vmware.com/samples?id=5629

User Guide: http://www.vmignite.com/2020/12/download-vrops-complete-360-inventory-dashboard/

Updates include enhancements of formatting. Additional metrics to VM, Hosts, vCenter, Clusters, and more.