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vROPs 6.1 – How to monitor Websites, URLs, IP Addresses, and Ports using EPOPs

The following guide will show you how to monitor a website, monitor IP addresses and URLS, and monitor a URL with ports using vRealize Operations Manager EPOPs agent.

How to Monitor a Website

In this example we will monitor a URL remotely.  The agent does not need…

vROPS 6.1 – How to delete and cleanup EPOPs monitored processes, URLS, and agents

vRealize Operation Manager EPOPs adapter allows you to monitor application level processes such as Webpages, Services, Databases, etc. Instructions on how to monitor URLS, services, and databases can be found on this site. However creating it is easy but there isn’t a delete…

vROPS 6.1 – How to Monitor SQL Databases using EPOPs

In my earlier post I have written how to monitor Window Services and Processes. Monitoring SQL Databases are just as important in my opinion. This guide covers where to download the SQL plugin, how to install the plugin, how to monitor SQL database, and then…

vROPS 6.1 – EPO Additional Adapters

The release of VMware vRealize Operation Manager 6.1 introduced End-Point Operations (EPOps) Agents that allow you to monitor services, processes, URLs, etc.  You can also expand this by adding additional EPO adapters to monitor SQL, Active Directory, vCenter, and more.  Below are shortcuts to the…

vROPS 6.1 – How to monitor Windows Processes

In this example we will monitor a process such as command prompt. Note the EPO agent must be installed on the server before you can begin this process.


First we will need to get the process name. Login to the server and run command prompt

vROPs 6.1 – How to Monitor any Windows Service

The following steps will allow you to monitor any Window Service using the built-in EPO adapter in vROPs 6.1. The EPO agent must be previously installed and communication with vROPs.

Login to vROPs and click on Environment > Operation Systems


Select the following

Expand Operation…

vROPs 6.1 – EPO Agents Installation Guide

Below are instructions on how to install and configure the End Point Operations Agent on a Windows Server.

Go to and download the endpoint agents under vRealize Operation Manager 6.1 download


Console to the server you want to monitor and Run the installer…