vROPS 6.1 – How to monitor Windows Processes

In this example we will monitor a process such as command prompt. Note the EPO agent must be installed on the server before you can begin this process.


  1. First we will need to get the process name. Login to the server and run command prompt


  2. Start Task Manager so we can get the name of the process


  3. Click on Process and notice the name of the Command Prompt process (cmd.exe)


  4. Login to vROPs and click on Environment > Operation Systems


  5. Select the following
    1. Expand Operation Systems World > Windows > and select your device
    2. Click on Actions
    3. Click on Monitor OS Object
    4. Click on Monitor Processes


  6. Input the following
    1. Enter a display name
    2. Type in Exe.Name.ct=cmd.exe in the process.query field
    3. Click on OK


    4. It is now ready to be added to a scoreboard