vROPS – Core Dashboard (vCenter and vROPS Monitoring)

This is a must-have dashboard for those who wish to monitor vCenter Appliance partition disk space usage and vROPs disk space usage filling up as well. Both are critical as it can lead to an outage on both products. This dashboard covers the following.

  1. Are my vCenter Appliance Disk partitions filling up?
  2. Are all my vROPS adapters collecting?
  3. Is my vROPS out of space?
  4. vCenter Alerts (10+ Alerts)
  5. vROPS Alerts (30+ Alerts)

Below is a user guide and a walk through of the dashboard. The dashboard auto refreshes each widget every 5 minutes.

This Dashboard is not integrated with the Healthchecker Dashboard.  Download below


See what adapters are not collecting. This widget monitors all configured adapters being collected by vROPS

Monitor vROPS Disk space issues. As some of you are already aware, if you run out of space, vROPS will go down.

Monitor over 30 alerts for vROPS. In the below example, it even detects memory swapping.

Monitors all partitions of the vCenter Appliance and sorted by the highest disk usage %. This alone makes this dashboard a must-have dashboard

Monitors over 10+ Alerts for vCenter Server

This widget monitors Certificates for vCenter and other products as well

To import in version 7.0 and above

  1. First unzip the file you just downloaded, it will contain a dashboard and a view file
  2. Go to Dashboards > Actions > Manage Dashboards

  3. Hit the dropdown and select Import Dashboards. Import the Dashboard.zip file

  4. Next to go Views > Dropdown > Import. Import the View.zip file