vROPS – How to change the default summary page for Objects

In this guide I will show you how to change your default summary page for specific Object Types (Virtual Machine, Host System, Datastore, etc). This tip is super useful for those who would like to change their default summary pages to the dashboards that I’ve already shared out on my blog. You can download the dashboards below. Thanks to VMware employee Jim Condit for making me aware of this hidden gem feature of vROPS. Happy New Year everyone.

VM Troubleshooting Dashboard

Host Troubleshooting Dashboard

Datastore Troubleshooting Dashboard


  1. In vROPS, click on Dashboards > Actions > Manage Dashboards


  2. Click on the settings dropdown and select Manage Summary Dashboards


  • Search for the object type you would like to change the summary page for in the filter box and then select the object list from the results below

  • Next click on the Assign a dashboard in the top left corner to override the default settings



  • Search and select the dashboard you would like to replace it with and click on OK


  • Notice the default dashboard now has change to the dashboard you have chosen. Click on Save



  • You can test it by searching for a specific datastore and selecting it from the menu


  • Notice how the Summary page now has changed to the dashboards we have selected



  • If you are using my dashboards from this website. Make sure you enable Auto Select First Row in the Object selector so that it selects the Object automatically each time. A minor bug that I discovered is every time you update the dashboard you will have to follow the steps in this guide again to update the changes. Make sure you set it back to default and then change the dashboard again.
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