vROPS 6 – How to upgrade vRealize Operation Manager Appliance

The following guide will show you how to properly upgrade vROPS. If you have a multi-node environment just upgrade the master node and it will automatically upgrade the Master replica, Data Node, etc.


  1. Before we begin it is best to first take a snapshot of vROPs and to have a full backup of vROPS but make sure you disable quiescing. You can also backup your customized work manually in a post I wrote previously. How to backup all your vROPs work manually


  2. Open a browser and download vROPs Virtual Appliance upgrade and vROPS OS Upgrade from vmware.com


  3. Next login to https://{VROPS-FQDN}/admin and login as admin



  5. (Optional: Some users have said it works better taking it offline first) Select the Node that has the Master Cluster Role and click on Take Offline

  6. Click on Software Update > Install a Software Update


  7. Click on Browse


  8. Select the Operating System Upgrade and click on Open


  9. Make sure both checkboxes are checked and then click on Upload


  10. Click on Next


  11. Accept the license agreement and click on Next


  12. Wait till it completes, it may take hours depending on how big your vROPs cluster is


  13. Repeat the process for the Virtual Appliance