Log Insight – VM Monitoring Dashboard (Download)

This is a must-have dashboard for anyone who wants to know who did what with my Virtual Machines. With this dashboard alone you will be able to know who created, deleted, modified, updated, power cycled, moved, remoted in, and exported a VM. It’s a 360 audit monitoring dashboard for everything Virtual Machines related. Details below.

What you will be able to monitor

  • VMs Created/Deleted
  • VMs Powered On/Off
  • VMs Rebooted
  • VMs Configured (Disk, Network, CPU, Memory)
  • VMs Renamed
  • VMs that got vMotioned
  • VMs that need Disk consolidation
  • Reservations
  • Limits
  • Snapshots
  • VMs Exported
  • VM Configuration Parameters changes
  • ISO Mount
  • VMs moved to folders
  • VM made to a template
  • Remote Consoled used to access a VM
  • VM Hot Add Modifications (CPU/Memory)
  • VM Versions updated
  • VMs Customized
  • VM HA event

Download Here: https://code.vmware.com/samples?id=7667

Install Guide

To import go to Content Packs > Import Dashboard. Import as Content Pack. Go to Dashboards to view the dashboard.