Update – vSphere Complete Health Check Dashboard for vROPS v1.1

Added more enhancements to my vRealize Operations Manager vCenter Health Check Dashboard. Just select a vCenter, Cluster, or Datacenter and let the dashboard show you over 50 things wrong with your environment.  Feel free to comment on anything else you would like to see added to improve the dashboard. Below are details of the update.

Now when you select a vCenter, Dashboard, or Cluster you will see an inventory of it on the right side.

Also added Active Alerts as well, but I filtered them to show only Active, Critical, and Performance alerts only. This leaves out a lot of bloat and makes it more useful.

Download on VMware Code Exchange Here https://code.vmware.com/samples?id=5639#

Works for vROPS 7.0 and above for best performance.  I haven’t tested in with any versions below that.