Log Insight 4.0 – How to create and configure a Gauge Chart

One of the latest features of Log Insight 4.0 is the ability to create a Gauge chart that can turn green, yellow, and red based on a static number you set. The following guide will show you how to create a gauge chart based on a search criteria of “Error” found.

  1. Login to Log Insight and click on Interactive Analytics


  2. In the search bar, type in “error” and hit enter


  3. Hit the second dropdown to the top left and select Non-time series and click on Apply


  4. Notice how it now displays a total number


  5. To change it to a Gauge chart we will have to switch the Chart Type from Automatic to Gauge


  6. Notice how the chart now changes


  7. Now I want to set anything above 6000 events to show red instead of green. Hit the Gauge dropdown and add red as a value of 6000 as shown. Notice how the chart now changes red because the threshold of 6000 and above has been met.


  8. To add it to a dashboard, click on the icon


  9. Fill in a display name and make sure Widget Type is set to Chart


  10. You can now view it on your dashboard


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