vROPs 6 – Creating an Advance view with Average, Maximum, and Summary features

The following steps will allow you to create a view that displays the average CPU and the maximum CPU peak point for Host in a week. We will also add a summary to the list as well.

  1. Click on Content > Views > + sign
  2. Enter a name
  3. Click on Presentation and select List
  4. Click on Subjects and then
    select vCenter Adapter > Host System
  5. Click on Data
  6. Expand CPU and double click on Usage (%) until it appears in the Data box
  7. Double click on Usage (%) again until you see two of them
  8. Select CPU|Usage (%) and change the Metric label to CPU Avg % (this will change the display name of the Data)
  9. Change the transformation to Average
  10. Select the other CPU|Usage (%) and change the metric label to CPU Max %
  11. Change the transformation to Maximum
  12. Notice how the Data has changed accordingly
  13. Click on Summary Tab and click on the + sign to add a new summary
  14. Highlight the Summary and change the title to Summary Average
  15. Click on the + Sign again to add another Summary
  16. Select the Summary and change the summary title to Summary Maximum. Change the aggregation to Maximum
  17. Now let’s see a preview of what our view will look like. Click on Select preview source
  18. Select All Objects > vCenter Adapter > vSphere World > vSphere World to view all Host in all vCenters. Click on OK
  19. Notice the Summary we created on the bottom
  20. Click on Save, the view is now ready to be added to a dashboard