vROPS 6 – How to modify default calculations from Capacity Planning/ Time Remaining

Capacity Planning numbers by default settings are calculated by CPU Allocation, Memory Allocation, and Disk Space Allocated. Some of my customers use thin provisioning or already have more storage allocated than the actual storage they physically have. Therefore their capacity remaining badge will always displays red telling them they are out of capacity even thou they are actually using only half the actual disk provisioned. In this example we will show you how to display Capacity Planning calculations based on what is currently used (Disk Space Demand) only.

  1. Click on Administration > Policies

  2. Click on Policy Library and select the policy we want to modify and click on the Edit icon
  3. Select Analysis Settings

  4. Under Show Changes for, Add vCenter Adapter – Cluster Compute Resources, Datacenter, and vCenter Server. It should show up on the right side. The reason why we need to add vcenter, datacenter, and clusters is because we need to tweak the same settings for all three.

  5. Expand vCenter Adapter – Cluster Compute Resource and click on the icon next to Capacity Remaining / Time Remaining. This allows you to modify changes to it.
  6. Modify the following as needed
    1. Uncheck Disk Space Allocation – to remove total provisioned capacity from Capacity and Time remaining calculations
    2. Uncheck both Disk Space Allocation and Disk Space Demand – this removes Disk Space all together and will only allow calculations based on memory and CPU only.
    3. Capacity Buffer % – modify this if you want to remove or change the default buffers

  7. Repeat the same changes for Datacenter and vCenter
  8. Click on Save once completed, allow about 15 minutes for changes to apply

2 thoughts on “vROPS 6 – How to modify default calculations from Capacity Planning/ Time Remaining”

  1. HI Lan ,

    NIce article there. I am facing some thing strange issue with VROPS .

    The capacity reports getting generated are showing ” 0 ” capacity left while if i look at cluster, i still have somne 30 % odd resources available. While i do realize that the way capacity is being calculated is wrong by VROPs, i am unable to figure out where to correct those metrics to get the actual picture via VROPS reports.

    Looking at policy , there are different levels of monitoring capapcity. how would i know capacity is getting calculated on which level or is it do that by default, it calculates the capacity based on cluster usage .

    Appreciate your help


    1. Notice in step 6, there is a screenshot that shows that there is a 10% buffer for CPU, Memory, and Disk. If you scroll down it is also taking HA into consideration based on your Cluster Admission control policy which is directly pulled from vCenter. One more factor is it there is a checkbox to include peak consideration. If you want it to show 30%, then uncheck HA option, peak option, and set all buffers to 0%. However, I don’t really recommend taking any buffers and HA off. I do have some customers turning off Peak.

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