vSphere 6 – Fault Tolerance Configuration Guide (Part 3)

How to Enable Fault Tolerance for a Virtual Machine


  1. Right click on a Virtual Machine and select Fault Tolerance > Turn On Fault Tolerance


  2. Click on the dropdown and select Browse…


  3. Select a different Datastore than the one currently used and click on OK


  5. Repeat the process for each file and make sure Compatibility checks is succeeded and then click on Next


  7. Select a different Host and click on Next


  9. Click on Finish


  11. Once completed you will notice your VM is now a dark blue color. Click on the VM and select Summary, you should now see a Fault Tolerance section with the Fault Tolerance status in a Protected state



    Test Fault Tolerance Failover


    1. Right click on our FT virtual machine and select Fault Tolerance > Test Failover


    3. Once completed you should now see that the Secondary VM location has changed to a different host




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