vROPS – Vmware Appliance Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor the performance and configuration of the following appliances: vCenter Servers, NSX, NSX-T, vRA, vROPS, Log Insight, Orchestrator, Life Cycle Manager, Network Insight (vRNI), Vmware SRM, vIDM, Air Watch, and Cloud Proxy appliances. Quickly compare performance stats such as CPU, Memory, Contention, Disk performance, and more. You can also compare configuration stats such as CPU, Memory, IP addresses, VM Tool versions, VM version, and more.

Download here: https://code.vmware.com/samples?id=7599

Monitors the following products

  • vCenter Server Appliance
  • NSX, NSX-T
  • vRA
  • vROPS
  • Log Insight
  • Orchestrator
  • Life Cycle Manager
  • Network Insight (vRNI)
  • Vmware SRM
  • vIDM
  • Air Watch
  • Cloud Proxy appliances

User Guide

Compare product to each other based on performance metrics (CPU, Memory, Disk Latency, IOPS, Contention, etc)

Scroll over to the right to get configuration metrics

Highlight any VM and scroll to the bottom to view alerts and properties of the VM

Instructions on how to Import Dashboard

To import in version 7.0 and above

  1. First unzip the file you just downloaded, it will contain a dashboard and a view file
  2. Go to Dashboards > Actions > Manage Dashboards

  3. Hit the dropdown and select Import Dashboards. Import the Dashboard.zip file

  4. Next to go Views > Dropdown > Import. Import the View.zip file

  5. If you get any errors during the process, make sure to click overwrite before importing