vROPS – How to monitor VMware SDDC Stack (vCenter, vSAN, NSX, vRA, vIDM, vRLI, vRO, SRM, vROPS)

My customers ask me this question all the time, how do I monitor services and get alerted on Vmware SDDC components such as vCenter, vSAN, NSX, vRA, vIDM, vRLI, vRO, SRM, and vROPS. The answer is very easy, I ask them to download and install the SDDC Health Monitoring Solution Pack. The latest updated version makes this a must have install for anyone owning vROPs. Below is a guide on why you need it, what it contains, and how to best maximize the tool.

Reasons why you need to install the SDDC Health Monitoring Solution Pack right now

  1. Totally free and easy to install. Just download it using the link below and install it the same way you would install any management pack.


  2. The SDDC Management Health Overview dashboard that comes out of the box is super useful. The top part of the dashboard auto-detects all the SDDC appliances you have installed and monitors the health automatically.

  3. Provides dozens of additional monitoring metrics for each component. Including individual service monitoring (see example below)

  4. The built-in alerts cover services going down and critical components outages. See the full list below

  1. This dashboard is always improving so always check back every so often for updates