vROPs 6.1 – EPO Agents Installation Guide

Below are instructions on how to install and configure the End Point Operations Agent on a Windows Server.

  1. Go to VMware.com and download the endpoint agents under vRealize Operation Manager 6.1 download


  1. Console to the server you want to monitor and Run the installer as administrator


  2. Click on Next


  3. Enter the vROPS server address and click on Next

  4. The next step requires a Certificate thumbprint. Open a browser a and go to https://{FQDN-vROPS}/admin and log in as admin


  5. Click on the certificate icon in the top right corner


  6. Copy the thumbprint

    Note: Unless you replaced the original certificate with a custom certificate, the second thumbprint in the list is the correct one. If you did upload a custom certificate, the first thumbprint in the list is the correct one.


  7. Now go back to our setup page and paste the thumbprint and click on Next


  8. Login as Admin and click on Next


  9. Click on Next


  10. Click on Next and let the install start and complete


  11. Check to make sure the service is Started