vROPs 6.1 – How to Monitor any Windows Service

The following steps will allow you to monitor any Window Service using the built-in EPO adapter in vROPs 6.1. The EPO agent must be previously installed and communication with vROPs.

  1. Login to vROPs and click on Environment > Operation Systems


  2. Select the following
    1. Expand Operation Systems World > Windows  and select your device
    2. Click on Actions
    3. Click on Monitor OS Object
    4. Click on Monitor Windows Service


  3. Logon to your Windows Server and find the Service name of the service you want to monitor


  4. Enter the display name and the service name and click on OK


  5. Expand your machine and you should now see your monitored service. Highlight the service and click on Troubleshooting > All Metrics > Resource Availability to see if any data is collected


  6. It is now ready to be added to a scoreboard
    1. Select Adapter types > EP Ops Adapter
    2. Look for the service we created and select it
    3. Expand Availability and select Resource Availability and click on Save


  7. You should now see a nice scoreboard like below.