vROPS 7.5 – Filter out data without using Custom Groups

One of my favorite new features of vROPS 7.5 is the ability to filter data from almost every widget. In prior versions you would need to point the widget to a custom group. This led to too many custom groups which makes things harder to manage. This new built-in output filter now adds more capabilities to some of the more popular widgets such as the Scoreboard widget, as you can now remove objects you don’t want to see with ease now. For more new features of vROPS 7.5, go here https://blogs.vmware.com/management/2019/04/whats-new-in-vrealize-operations-7-5.html

When editing certain widget such as scoreboard, object list, etc. You will see an Output Filter Section that is similar to the UI in custom groups.

Since the filtering is the same as custom groups. You can follow some of my examples on the URL below on how to filter the following:

  • Show only Powered on VMs
  • Datastores that are local datastores
  • All VMs in a particular folder inside vCenter
  • All VMs with a particular vSphere Tag



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