vROPS – Creating a Dashboard based on Custom Groups

In my next part of the Maximize IT series, I am sharing out some outstanding work done by one of my coworkers Peter Tymbel, Senior Consultant at VMware. You can visit his blog at

The whitepaper he wrote, walks you to all the steps on creating a very advance and useful dashboard for Custom Groups. In the whitepaper he clearly walks you through the following

  1. Custom Groups – why custom groups and how to create them
  2. Super Metrics – shows you how to create over 10+ useful super metrics
  3. Custom Dashboard – Create some dashboards based on real use cases
  4. Custom Reports and Automating Reports
  5. Authorizing Users and Providing Role-Based Access

You can read more about it here. Or if you want to go straight to the Technical Whitepaper PDF than you can download it here