vROPS 6.1 – How to Monitor SQL Databases using EPOPs

In my earlier post I have written how to monitor Window Services and Processes. Monitoring SQL Databases are just as important in my opinion. This guide covers where to download the SQL plugin, how to install the plugin, how to monitor SQL database, and then how to add it to a dashboard.


How to Install SQL End-Point Plugins

In this example we will install a SQL Plugin to allow us to monitor SQL. The SQL server must have the EP Ops Agent installed.

  1. Download the EPO Adapter for SQL Server on Solution Exchange here
  2. Click on Administration à Solutions à
  3. Click on Browse
  4. Browse for the EPOP Plugin and click on Open
  5. Check both check boxes and then click on Upload
  6. Wait till it is fully uploaded and click on Next
  7. Accept the License agreement and click on Next
  8. Wait till the installation is complete and then click on Finish
  9. Go to Content à Plug-ins and verify that the plugin is installed and Online

How to Monitor SQL Databases

In this example we will monitor the SQL Database for availability.

  1. Click on Environment à All Objects
  2. Expand MSSQL and MSSQL Database, make sure you see SQL Instances and SQL Databases
  3. The bottom example shows how to monitor a single database using a Scoreboard widget
  4. The scoreboard should look like below