Download – vROPS 7.0 Datastore Troubleshooting Dashboard

This is an updated version of my popular vROPS Datastore Troubleshooting Dashboard.  I updated and enhanced my dashboard up to vROPS Version 7.0.  Also check out my other dashboards on the Download Tab.

  • Quickly Troubleshoot Datastore Issues
  • Identify if there are any capacity bottlenecks
  • View the history of when the problem started
  • View all the Datastore Properties
  • View what is connected to the Datastore
  • View all the VMs on the Datastore and some useful VM related stats

vROPs All Version Download Here -> Datastore Troubleshooting Dashboard (3678 downloads )




To import in version 6.6

  1. First unzip the file you just downloaded, it will contain a dashboard and a view file
  2. Go to Dashboards > Actions > Manage Dashboards

  3. Hit the dropdown and select Import Dashboards. Import the file

  4. Next to go Views > Dropdown > Import. Import the file



To import in version 6.x
To Import the dashboard go to Content > Dashboard > Import Dashboards
and import file


To Import the views go to Content > Views > Import
and import Dashboard.xml file