Download – Datastore Troubleshooting Dashboard

I’ve created a must-have Datastore Troubleshooting dashboard. This dashboard is similar to the VM Troubleshooting Dashboard, however it covers Datastore performance, capacity, and related VM issues. This is part of the Maximize IT series.

  • Quickly Troubleshoot Datastore Issues
  • Identify if there are any capacity bottlenecks
  • View the history of when the problem started
  • View all the Datastore Properties
  • View what is connected to the Datastore
  • View all the VMs on the Datastore and some useful VM related stats

vROPs All Version Download Here -> Datastore Troubleshooting Dashboard (3679 downloads )




To import in version 6.6

  1. First unzip the file you just downloaded, it will contain a dashboard and a view file
  2. Go to Dashboards > Actions > Manage Dashboards

  3. Hit the dropdown and select Import Dashboards. Import the file

  4. Next to go Views > Dropdown > Import. Import the file



To import in version 6.x
To Import the dashboard go to Content > Dashboard > Import Dashboards
and import file


To Import the views go to Content > Views > Import
and import Dashboard.xml file