vROPS 6 – How to Create Rotating dashboards

Creating Rotating dashboards

The following is perfect for an environment that has a 24/7 monitoring team such as a NOC. Using only one pane of glass (monitor) you can view many dashboard that rotate based on the time frame you set. Make sure the dashboards you want to rotate already exist.

  1. Click on Home > Actions > Reorder/Autoswitch Dashboards

  2. Configure the following
    1. First find the dashboard you want to apply the rotating dashboards with
    2. Turn Auto Transition to On
    3. Change the seconds to the amount of time you need before it will switch
    4. Choose the next dashboard in the dropdown below To this Tab
    5. Click on Update


  3. Repeat these steps for each dashboard you want to rotate with and then click on Save when done.


  4. Make sure all the dashboards you set to rotate are open on the Home page else you may not get your desired results. You should now see your dashboards automatically rotating